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HUMAN RIGHTS IN PRACTICE provides training on international human rights law and practice, focusing not only on imparting knowledge of the law but on developing legal skills and strategic awareness and their application in practice.

Examples of training work and public presentations

Presentation to the German Bar Association in Berlin on CIA torture and International Law, 10 December 2015.

• Presentation on 'Strategic litigation of torture in detention: Assessing Impact ', Open Society Foundations conference on Strategic litigation, Istanbul, November 2015.

• Leading Rule of Law cases in the European Court of Human Rights, MATRA PATROL training on the Rule of Law, Asser Institute, 12 October 2015

• Presentation on 'Universal Jurisdiction in Europe Today: the adolescent rebels?' (Spanish) Conference on Universal Jurisdiction, Buenos Aires, 6 October 2015

• Lecture on 'Extraordinary Rendition', Summer Law Program on International Legal and Comparative Approaches to Counter-Terrorism, International Centre for Counter-Terrorism and Asser Institute, August 2015

• Lecture on 'Criminal Law and the War on Terror', Summer School on International Criminal Law, June 2015, University of Leiden, June 2015

Lecture on 'Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in the Fight against Terrorism', Washington College of Law and Asser Institute's Summer Programme on International Terrorism, June 2015

Presentation on 'The role of Civil Society in the development of Universal Jurisdiction' (Spanish), Iberamerican conference on International Justice, June 2015

Talk on the strategic human rights litigation of modern day slavery, Greentree Estate, New York, 26 March 2015

•Lecture on 'law, war and human rights', course at the London School of Economics, focusing on rendition and the challenges for the rule of law, 22 March 2015

• Terrorism and International Criminal Law, Summer School on International Criminal Law, June 2014, University of Leiden, 25 June 2014

• European human rights law, Current Issues in Economic Integration and EU Law, Training Programme for Thai judges, Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, The Hague, 19 June 2014

• Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in the Fight against Terrorism, Washington College of Law and Asser Institute's Summer Programme on International Terrorism, 10 June 2014

• Judge, Semi-finals of the Spanish speaking moot court competition on International Criminal Law, Iberamerican Institute of The Hague, 5 June2014

• Universal Jurisdiction and International Courts and Tribunals (en Español), FIBGAR conference on Universal Jurisdiction, Madrid, 20-23 May 2014

• Human Rights Defenders in International Law and Practice, Palestine (Nablus, Rammalah and Gaza), 11-14 March 2014

• Critical Debates on Counter-Terrorist Judicial Review, University of Durham, UK, 12 June 2013

• The scope of international human rights law: when, where and who? University of Glasgow, 18 November 2013

• The Killing of Osama bin Laden: Justice Done?, University of Glasgow, October 2012

• Terrorism and Fair Trial, training for members of the Pakistani judiciary, Hague Forum for Judicial Expertise, 2012

• Assessing Accountability for Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, The Hague, 2012

•Implementing Human Rights Law, training for a group of judges, prosecutors and lawyers from the African continent on giving effect to human rights law, Hague Forum for Judicial Expertise, The Hague, 2011

• Strategic Human Rights Litigation in Practice: 3-day training on for practicing lawyers from across Africa on using the law and strategic litigation to protect the rights of HIV affected individuals and communities; Institute for Human Rights and Development and the University of Pretoria, South Africa, October 2011

• Detention, Rendition and Torture, Lecture to civil servants, police and researchers, Asser Institute Summer School on International Terrorism, August 2011

• Meeting the Challenge of Implementation of Human Rights Decisions, Interights and OSJI seminar on Implementation, June 2011

•Making the Prohibition on Torture Effective, Seminar for Jordanian Judges, Hague Forum for Judicial Expertise, April 2011

• Legal Standards and Controversies on Transfer of Persons, Litigation Surgery with Lawyers from Central and Eastern Europe on Migrant Workers' Rights, INTERIGHTS, London, January 2011

On-going Legal Education

Terrorism, Human Rights and Humanitarian law course, Advanced LLM in International Law, Leiden University (since 2016-)

• International Protection of Human Rights course, Advanced LLM in International Law, Leiden University (since 2012-)

• International Humanitarian Law course, Advanced LLM in International Law, Leiden University (since 2015-)

• International Law (and International Relations), Masters programme, University of Webster (since 2013-)

• Transnational Justice, Masters Programme, University of Webster (since 2013-)

• The Relevance and Applicability of Human Rights while Countering Terrorism, Summer School, Asser Institute and Washington College of Law (annually since 2006)

Capacity Building