Human Rights in Practice seeks to support the developing field of strategic human rights litigation in various ways. Several consultancies have assisted organisations to consider and plan for the more strategic and effective use of litigation in their human rights work.



In early 2015 Helen Duffy undertook a consultancy study for an NGO in Palestine on the role and impact of public interest litigation on land rights in Occupied Palestinian Territory. The focus was on the particularly challenging and politically contentious land rights issues, arising from the Wall, settlement expansion or the house demolitions and evictions that pervade life in West Bank and East Jerusalem. The study explored the diverse levels on which bringing such litigation can have an impact, and the development of litigation strategy in a context in which direct success on these issues before Israeli courts is generally elusive.

comparative study on the Strategic impact of torture Litigation

The Open Society Justice Initiative has conducted an important series of detailed case studies that examine the impact of litigation in particular thematic areas and specific states. Helen Duffy is the Author and Lead Researcher on one such area, concerning the litigation of torture in Argentina, Turkey and Kenya. The report is available here.


HRiP is conducting a consultancy project with the International Network of Civil Liberties Organisations to facilitate the identification and development of strategic litigation opportunities across member organisations.