HELEN DUFFY has practiced international law in diverse contexts for over twenty five years. Her litigation experience spans regional and international human rights courts and bodies, including the African, European and Interamerican systems, the ECOWAS court, UN human rights bodies, and national courts. Positions prior to establishing Human Rights in Practice included: Legal Director of INTERIGHTS, a strategic international human rights litigation organisation; Legal Officer in the Prosecutors Office of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY);  Counsel to Human Rights Watch on International Justice, involving International Criminal Court statute negotiations and the Pinochet proceedings; Legal Director of CALDH, Guatemala, litigating cases concerning genocide, amnesties, discrimination, death penalty and labour rights in the Interamerican system; Legal Adviser to the UK Government legal service and Assistant Secretary to Lord Justice Scott’s 'Arms for Iraq Inquiry' in London.

Helen holds the Gieskes Chair in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights at the Grotius Centre, Leiden University, is Honorary Professor of International Law at the University of Glasgow, senior fellow at the University of Melbourne and Visiting Professor at American University. She has an LLB. (University of Glasgow, 1989), LLM. (University College London 1990), Dipl. Legal Practice (University of Edinburgh 1991) and PHD (University of Leiden 2013).